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Cursed necklace The next night, Huang Mingming packed up things and came out of the hospital. Li Heran sent her back home. She refused Li Heran’s request to take care of her, closed the door, and sat on the sofa tiredly. Huang Mingming could not restrain the return of what Li Erran said to her yesterday. ‘Clearly, don’t talk to Zhang Rong in the future.’ But wait for her to ask again, Li Heran closed his mouth and refused to speak too much. The three of them grew up together and their feelings were good since childhood. Some time ago, just after Zhang Rong was on a business trip, Li Heran drove to the airport to pick her up. Huang Mingming did not know what happened, and there was such a big crack between the boyfriend and the buddy. The wound on her head was not very uncomfortable, but the injury caused by the necklace was still faint after the neck. Huang Mingming walked over to the mirror and turned to pick up his hair Replica Bvlgari Rings. She found a noticeable red wound in the neck of her neck that had healed, like a cinnabar. Huang Mingming did not know what Zhang Rong did not finish in the hospital. If she changes her mind, she will laugh at this kind of thing. But today I touched the string of cold necklaces, somehow, her heart quietly climbed a chill. Huang Mingming made a phone call to Zhang Rong, and no one answered it. She wrapped her coat, took the bag, and prepared to find Zhang Rong directly to ask Van Cleef Arpels Bracelets Fake. But before she went, Zhang Rong found her first. Huang Mingming let Zhang Rong into the house, Zhang Rong’s face pale, like thick powder, it looks very uneven. After entering the house, he did not sit still. Zhang Rong hurriedly took a piece of paper from the bag and handed it to Huang Mingming. ‘The more I think about it, the more I don’t. I go back and check it. Your necklace is really used when the wizards are under the sorcerer.’ Huang Mingming took the color printed paper, and the necklace above was exactly the same as the one she wore. ‘Clearly, you are quick to take it. I think that Li Heran is really uneasy. You look at the above. If a woman gives a woman who she does not love, she will grow a cinnabar behind her neck. This is a curse, it will make you suffer a lot of misfortune.’ Huang Mingming threw the paper aside and covered his face. ‘I will not hurt me, this online thing I do not believe!’ Zhang Rong looked at her with a sullen look, after a long time, sighed. ‘I clearly believe that you, just yesterday, I saw Li Erran and the woman together. I secretly listened to their words. They will meet tomorrow. If you don’t believe it, we will take you some time tomorrow. I will take you. Go and see.’ Said, Zhang Rong took the camera out and handed it to Huang Mingming. Li Erran in the photo stood with the woman who could not see the positive, and smiled sweetly.