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What’s interesting is that Fendi’s “handbag” handbag has even affected the development of the story as an advertising device. For example, Keri had an appointment with his beloved boyfriend for lunch, but he learned that the other party was getting engaged at the table, and Keri was angry at his bag and left the table. At this time, the plot of the screenwriter was that Keri walked too fast and the handbag was hooked by the stool. However, someone raised the objection, saying that this year had not gone up with the shoulder bag. The crew was embarrassed and planned to modify the script, and the Fendi company sent a new style “stick” handbag at this time. The members of the group were delighted and cheered: “thank you, Fendi, without modification.” ”

The play is rapidly reaching IA in the world. This small handbag is hard to find, and many stores sell goods, making the fashion giants look alike. With this classic design, Fendi has successfully removed the “old” impression that the brand has given to people for many years. Since then, Replica Bvlgari B.ZERO1 Ring is also regarded as the leader of the fashion world’s luxury handbag, and the famous donkey in the world is not proud of the “stick” bag with different materials. Pris? Hilton is also a loyal fan of Replica Bvlgari B.ZERO1 Ring. The Hilton group’s thousands of gold celebrities, dress clothes are also popular vane. On various occasions, they can always see the Fendi handbag. It is said that she often buys several of them.