The Hermès second-hand purse

The Hermès second-hand purse, which was produced 10 years ago, was sold at a high price of 1.38 million in London. According to foreign media reports, a Hermes platinum package was recently auctioned in London for a high price of 160,000 (about 1.38 million), becoming the most expensive second-hand luxury package made by European auction houses. This is a Hermès Himalayan crocodile-studded platinum bag made in 2008. The golden crocodile skin is set with an 18-carat diamond. The staff of the line said that the European auction house was the first to produce this style of Hermes platinum bag. . This bag is only 30 centimeters wide, although it has been in the factory for ten years, but in good condition, there are no obvious scars. The color of the bag is like the reflection of the snow peaks of the Himalayas in the sun. The Himalayan platinum bag is named after it. Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Celine Dion have all been carrying platinum bags out of the street. The most expensive second-hand bag ever photographed around the world is also a Hermès platinum bag, which was sold in Hong Kong in 2017. The final transaction price was 250,000 pounds (about 2.17 million yuan).