Then hiding in the side to see the pedestrians crowded or fell to the ground Cartier Love Bracelet Replica

In the afternoon, in the last lesson, the ringing still did not wake up and the desk was empty. The textbooks were all stuffed into the table pockets by me. If they were stuffed into my head, they would be stuffed into my stomach and stuffed into my heart. Dizziness, bloating, and rapid heartbeat. My body is walking in a cotton-like itching, and if there is a river in the impact, it makes me feel suffocated. The ringing wakes up, knocks on the eardrum and strikes the desk. I feel like a prisoner who has been imprisoned for many days from prison. If the bird is in prison, he is released, fleeing, and free. The bicycle glared at me, slamming the land quickly and heading for my home. On the east side of the school, I walked N times. At this time, it was narrow, crowded, noisy, and the branches of the sky stretched out, talking about the golden corn lying on the ground, accusing the cotton branches sleeping on both sides of the road. Yellow, milky white is very glaring, I struggled to dodge their captives, twisting the curve of the seven-and-a-half turn, I also tried to compete, want to squeeze them all into the trenches on both sides of the road. In the fall, most farmers love to spread the harvest in public places, especially on both sides of the road, filling up the traffic, and then hiding in the side to see the pedestrians crowded or fell to the ground Cartier Love Bracelet Replica. As a resource for teasing or a slap in the mouth after a meal. I really want to fly home. Suddenly, a rush of bicycle ringing came from behind. ‘叮铃铃,叮铃铃…’


greeted a few words Van Cleef Arpels Bracelets Fake


I instinctively pulled the bicycle to the side of the road, trying to give way to the back. Suddenly, the bicycle’s handlebars were out of control and pulled down by the corncobs on the side of the road. The round stick pushed my wheel to the ditch and I was thrown on the corn cob. My waist, buttocks and hands are all pressed by corn seeds, which is painful and sour. I lay on my corn on the back. ‘Get up with her!’ The owner of the bicycle behind, hurriedly stopped and said to the person sitting behind. The strange boy helped me up. I took my bicycle out of the ditch, put the handlebar right, put it on the side of the road, greeted a few words Van Cleef Arpels Bracelets Fake, and went away. I was sore in my body and drove slowly to my home. The road to go home is far and far away. I used my strength to ride a bicycle, bite my teeth and climb to my home. At the entrance to the village, he met Wang Dabo, who is a barefoot doctor in my village. Because I am the same age as his three daughters and often play at his home, he is very familiar. I am busy calling the bicycle and saying hello. ‘Girl, out of school!’ He stared at my face, standing in front of me, full of charity. ‘First come to my house to drink saliva, your beautiful sister is at home, play with her!’ His tone is slight, lest he hurt me. ‘If there is nothing wrong with the US sister, I will not go!’ I smiled and refused Wang Dabo’s kindness. ‘That’s good, go home!’ His look suddenly darkened. ‘Go and see your mother, I just came back from your house!’ He suddenly silenced. ‘Is my mother okay?’ I asked eagerly. Then push the bike and go. ‘I think, your mother is very good! Child, don’t worry!’ he added softly behind me.

My heart suddenly burst into flames, Wang Dabo’s eyes, his slight tone, his sudden dark expression… I feel as if a big disaster is going to happen, or it has already happened. I have to go home with my bicycle, but there is no way. Now, I have been on my way home, step by step closer to my home, and summoned back to my mother according to my inner soul. The wheels rolled the loess on the street, heavy and strong. Roll over the front door of each household. ‘Girl, come back!’ When he reached the door of Xinzhishu, his mother (I called his grandmother) stopped me. Then she helped my bike to cry. I was so scared that I stood there. ‘See what you are crying at the child? Let the children go home!’ Xinzhizi took away his grandmother and said to me, ‘Niu, go home, your mother…’ She stood there and sighed. My heart falls into the abyss of helplessness. I pushed my bicycle in the direction of my home. Hard and painful. The heart was sad and sad, and such news deeply hurt me. The wheel crushed the loess of the street. If it was pressed on my heart, there was a demon voice shouting in my ear: ‘Your mother is dead, your mother is gone, you have no mother!’ There are a lot of voices echoing in my ears, my sister is shouting, my sister is shouting, my brother is shouting, my grandmother is shouting… A shyness and sorrow occupy my whole heart. I regret going to school this week, my mother asked me to go to school, I was so obedient to obey. In fact, my mother has thousands of reasons for me to accompany me. I began to blame myself. Tears have drowned my eyes, soaked my face, and sprinkled on my way home. My legs are weak. I am ashamed and have a feeling of depression, and even breathing is difficult. My mother’s eyes began to summon me to go home in front of my eyes. The kind, kind, full of love looks for me, but her eyes looked at me sadly, as if she had abandoned us in helplessness. The mother tortured the disease all the time, and the thinning cheeks swayed in front of my eyes. The mother was gone, even though our family made a whole solution to save, and finally failed to defeat the devil’s call. I seem to see that my mother’s coffin is moving closer to me through the ever-changing scenery. He has moved closer to me and moved closer to my sister because they have no mother. Each of us can truly understand the essential characteristics of losing a mother. I walked through the homes of many folks and the doorstep. They belong to my hometown, and both elementary and junior high schools have walked on foot Replica Bvlgari Rings. Everything has to change now, like a changing time and space. Although the road is unique, it is a must to go to the home. However, it is ruthless. When I passed by, I have a mother. Today, after I passed, I became a child who lost my mother’s love. I suddenly cried aloud, dropped the bicycle on the street, and ran to the house in a frantic way.