There is a story called: Maggie Cheung’s thumb ring

There is a story called: Maggie Cheung’s thumb ring. A ring, a story, a love. Maggie Cheung wore a ring on her left thumb. I have been wearing it for many years, and I have never even taken it off in the play. Many fans want to ask where can I buy? I also asked why I wear it on my thumb. Is it a personality? In fact, this ring has a story long and long ago. The ring on Zhang Manyu’s left thumb is the ring that his ex-husband’s mother left for her daughter-in-law. The ex-husband’s ancestors gave Zhang Manyu from Grandpa to Grandma and Maggie Cheung. But because Maggie Cheung’s fingers are too long, the ring can only be worn on her thumb. Therefore, there is only one in the world that cannot be bought. Therefore, if there is something different, there must be a story. This ring, once a witness of a man and Maggie Cheung, has made a pair of lovers in the world; this ring, once a family of ancestors to the generations of recognition, expectations, blessings, more solemn and sacred than any ritual This ring, after a hundred years, carries the story of several generations, and is said to be a symbol that never fades in memory Cartier Love Bracelet Replica. In that year, my grandfather took it???? In that year, my grandmother put it in the same year. My father and mother? Now, I will give it to you. Later, the children and grandchildren will pass on from generation to generation. Is there a ring that you want to pass to your daughter-in-law, Sun Hao, and grandson? ???After a hundred years, somewhere, somewhere, your descendants will tell your loved one about your story Replica Bvlgari Rings, about your love. Every ring has a story of life.