who has taken all kinds of Fendi handbags.

The famous American TV series “sex and the city” has a deep impression: the hero Keri was suddenly robbed when she was shopping. She was not willing to be caught in a strong character. MM’s reaction was I A. She shouted to the thieves: “If s not a bag, if s a baguette!” to her, Fendi The famous handbag is not only an object, but also a S3 of the body.

In 1997, Fendi’s “French stick” handbag was born, which is a long, handbag that looks like French bread. This small handbag is a cute and simple rectangle, but its material and decoration are unique.

This handbag was designed by Adele? Fendi’s granddaughter, Sylvia. The appearance of the handbag is basically the concept of a handbag. Before that, a precious handbag with diamonds and crystals was used only for a grand late suit, a simple and changing “Baguette”, the first, the first. A handbag that is regarded as a dress. It can be held in the hands or under the arm. When the French buy a stick bread, they usually take it home with their armpits, and this slightly rectangular Fendi bag has a short straps, and the IB can be stuck in the armpit when it is back, and it does not delay the way, from this age. “Handbag” handbag has so far launched 60 styles, each of which is exquisite, small and artwork.

When this handbag has just come out, sales are not so good. In order to open the situation, Fendi chose the “sex and the city”, which was just started at the time, and sponsored it. In this TV play, Fendi’s handbag is ubiquitous, especially Keri, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, who has taken all kinds of Fendi handbags. ?